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Helion Edge

Helion Edge

The Helion EDGE platform specialize in delivering top-tier automated DeFi yield strategies designed to enhance your investment performance. The automated strategies leverages advanced analytics and real-time data to ensure optimal performance across various market conditions. By partnering with Helion EDGE, you would gain access to meticulously crafted strategies that are rigorously tested and continuously optimized for maximum profitability.


Prime Allocation Fund

Prime Allocation Fund

The Prime Allocation Fund is a fund which is strategically designed to deliver robust financial performance through a strategic investment Helion Edge. The Prime Allocation Fund primary objective is to achieve long-term capital growth while managing risk effectively. The fund targets consistent returns, capitalizing on various market opportunities while prioritizing the preservation of capital.

Helion Esports Fund

Helion e-Sport Fund

The Helion eSports Fund was founded on a steadfast commitment to acquiring equity and intellectual property (IP) in the vibrant eSports & Fintech sector.The main objective is to generate high yield returns for valued investors by employing a distinctive approach that includes nurturing and expediting the early and growth-stage eSports and Fintech enterprises.

Helion Innovault

Helion InnoVault

The Helion InnoVault is an investment product. It follows a systematic investment approach where its proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm identifies ideal profit opportunities across over-collateralized stablecoin lending, yield farming, and digital asset vault protocols into which it then automatically deploys funds with minimal risk, thanks to being securely stored as a gnosis vault and multiple layers of principal investment protection hardcoded in the algorithm.

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